Welcome to Company Care Occupational Clinic

Company Care forms a partnership between the employer, employee and insurer to minimize the risk of work related injury and to provide the best, most comprehensive medical care and services.

We offer the convenience of being open seven days a week with coverage Monday - Friday 8am-10pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am-9pm.

Company Care pledges direct communication between our staff and yours to deliver the highest quality medical care possible for your employees and your company.

Our physicians offer a full scope of occupational medicine services designed to help reduce healthcare costs, while minimizing lost work time and increasing employee productivity. To accomplish these goals, Company Care is outcome focused and uses National Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines established by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Company Care offers one-stop shopping for all your occupational medicine needs.

Company Care's strategic goal for 2007 was to be the first certified occupational health program by the NAOHP. Certification is contingent upon meeting standards in administration, operational framework, staffing, quality assurance, health surveillance, screening, and injury management/loss management.

Company Care's products and services include the following:

  • Injury Loss/Management
  • Health Exams and Screening (Audio, PFT, urine drug screens, BAT)
  • Travel Medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prevention
  • Education/Programs for Employers

Advantages for the Employer


A full range of menu-driven services is offered, specifically, "one stop shopping" for all industrial medical needs.


Program design and hours of operation coinciding with client needs, particularly when examinations and screenings need to be scheduled before or after business hours.


Facility is easily accessible to client companies whether by phone or for a personal visit.


Company Care is the most cost effective health program available to client companies. Program design and cost are customized according to client needs and eliminate any unnecessary testing and associated costs.

Qualified Staff

A Medical Director and other Company Care professionals are integral components to the program. This group of key certified medical personnel is available to provide direct patient care, service in an advisory capacity and receive patient referrals.

State-of-the-art Treatment & Technology

Company Care is a preventive service that emphasizes the minimization of potential injury through careful analysis of the work place in cooperation with client management.

Centralized Coordination

All programs and services are coordinated from one area. The occupational health professional serves as the client company's ombudsman.


Company Care receives verbal and written communication on all services provided to their employees. Any matters affecting employability are discussed with the company before further action is implemented.


Company Care, through its association with HCA is able to provide or arrange similar services if client companies have employees throughout the state or region.

Vision Statement

Company Care is the provider of choice for a quality, low cost, integrated delivery system of care to employers, employees, insurance companies and the community through a system of care for occupational and community service.

Mission Statement

Company Care is committed to providing care to employees of client companies in a preventive model, emergency crisis model, and the rehabilitation model of care. The functions of Company Care through its achievements, goals, and objectives benefit the employer and the employee.